TETHER Deposit Instruction

Step 1.

Go over to the Deposit section of your Trader Area, select USDT and enter the amount you would like to deposit in USD. Next, click “Deposit”.


Step 2.

Check if the deposit amount is correct and submit your deposit request by clicking “Submit”.


Step 3.

Select a transport protocol – ETHEREUM, and click “Continue”.


Step 4.

You will be redirected to the payment page with the number of the wallet to which the funds transfer is to be made. The transaction time is limited to 45 minutes. Please do not close this window.

Please note that the amount in USD is displayed excluding commission, which will be automatically compensated to you, i.e. the full amount specified in Step 1 will be credited to your AMarkets account.

To complete the transaction, you need to go to your USDT wallet in another window and transfer funds to the specified wallet number. Then, after the transfer is made, go to the payment window and click “I have paid”. After that, a notification that your transaction has been successful will appear.